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Nikitatailor.net, on-line Orthodox Church supplies company, offers hundreds of liturgical goods, custom-made vestments, related items, liturgical and general Orthodox goods, fabrics and many more.


Nikita Borisov, a devout Orthodox Christian from St .Petersburg, Russia is a master ecclesiastical tailor. He is the personal tailor to several hierarchs of the Holy Synod of Bishops of the Orthodox Church in America. He is experienced in making not only the Russian styles, most familiar to him, of vestments and cassocks, but has also become an accomplished tailor in the Greek, Romanian, Serbian and Ukrainian styles. In fact, Mr. Borisov is one of the few makers of rare "OLD BELIEVER" styles. He makes several variations of Russian style cassocks - St. Petersburg style, Old Believer style, and the traditional "Russian style".
These variations are available only from Nikita.
For such quality and diverse workmanship, his prices are quite reasonable. It is not only a personal investment to order from Nikita, but also an act of love in helping this talented recent Russian immigrant to earn an honest living in our God protected country.

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